GrandMA2 Light

I am excited to announce than in July 2020, we have added a GrandMA2 Light console to our inventory!

Following the purchase of the console, we found that the one of the TFT displays had a failing backlight. I have managed to source replacement TFT screens, and fitted them myself as I am comfortable working on electronics and performing component level repairs. I have done a write-up on the following page (linked below) of this replacement. It is a LOT more cost effective than replacing the screens for the LED version, as this would involve replacing the whole monitor wing, motherboard and graphics cards.

I will be adding other MA2 pages of work that I’ve done on my console as/when I get time – I’ve just given it a complete internal strip down and deep clean, as it was filthy inside! Pics of that coming soon!

If you would like to enquire about my services – either as a designer/programmmer/operator, or console hire, then please feel free to contact me.

If you have an older MA2 which the TFT screens are failing on, and you aren’t comfortable stripping the console down to replace them, then feel free to get in touch as it is a service I could be willing to offer – especially to UK based owners. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT an MA trained service engineer! However, I have a background in electronics, and pulling delicate items apart is something I’m used to!