Broadway Christmas Wonderland

Broadway Christmas Wonderland – USA Tours, and Residences – November/December 2016:

I was honoured to be asked by Intelligent Lighting Services to Design/Program and look after 3 different versions of the same Christmas show, for a US production company.  There were 2 concurrent tours going out – one on the East Coast, one on the West Coast – which I would design identical lighting rigs for, and then program both versions of the show, handing over to the touring Chief LX (also from the UK on both tours), before then heading to Dallas to do the second version of the show.

This was a residence at Music Hall at Fair Park for 2 1/2 weeks, which again used a clone of the touring lighting rigs – but with a few extra’s, like Clay Paky B-Eye K20, Colorblaze 72 LED Battens, and sections of LED wall.  After the Dallas version of the show, I was to go to Biloxi, Mississippi for the 3rd incarnation – which would be performing at the Beau Rivage Casino Resort for 9 days, with 2 shows a day – including Christmas Day! None of the previous lighting would be coming to Biloxi – it was to be re-designed/programmed/tweaked onto the house rig – with only one of the GrandMA2 Light consoles coming with me.

There were numerous challenges involved in getting all the shows up and running, and the consistency in the look of the show – but overall it was a great experience, and got to meet and work with some amazing people.  A special thanks to my ME in Dallas, who also did a sterling job on the prep for the tours… Chip Fischesser.  His attention to detail was spot on!

Some pictures of the various shows, and bits from the tour:


Equipment used in the shows:
East/West Tours (each tour with an identical rig of gear below):
15x Martin MAC Viper Profile
26x Martin MAC Aura Wash
2x Martin MAC Viper Performance
2x Varilite VLX Wash
4x Chauvet LED Batten
2x Hazer w/Fan
8x Extra VLX wash for additional FOH in arena shows
GrandMA2 Fullsize (Main)
GrandMA2 Light (Backup)
House supplied FOH in each venue (3 colour wash), except arenas, where the 8x extra VLX were hung on FOH truss.

15x Martin MAC Viper Profile
26x Martin MAC Aura Wash
2x Martin MAC Viper Performance
4x Varilite VLX Wash
10x Clay Paky Aleda B-Eye K20
7x Colorblaze 72 LED Batten
22x Octostrip
2x Hazer w/Fan
20x Panel Aoto LED video panel
2x Mac Mini Catalyst Media Server
2x GrandMA2 Light (1x Main, 1x Backup)
1x MA2 NPU
Pathport Artnet DMX nodes
Source 4 19 degree units for FOH (3 Colour wash)

All Viper Profile/Performance units on both tours/Dallas productions had 2x Custom glass gobos fitted – DHA ‘Crystal’ and DHA ‘Christmas Leaves’.

House rig, consisting of:
16x High End Studio Spot 575 CMY
10x High End Studio Beam
4x High End Color Command
22x Octostrip (toured on set)
1x GrandMA2 Light console

FOH from the venue (3 colour wash) from mix of Source 4 and Par 64 lamps.