My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady – China Tour 2016

Contracting again to Intelligent Lighting, I was asked to join the team for a tour by a US production company of My Fair Lady to China, for 8 weeks across April/May/June 2016.  

I was asked to come onboard as a Lead Lighting Technician, but also to be involved in pre-programming the show on MA2, taking what was the old show file on ETC based systems and then programming all the information into MA, as that was the console of choice for us on the tour.

The design was supplied by the production company, as they had purchased it from the previous designer, and this was passed onto us to then generate our own plans and paperwork for the tour.

All of the equipment was to be locally sourced from a supplier the promoter used in China, we then were due to go out and oversee any prep and then the first installation to the venue for production rehearsals  – making it into a tourable package for 8 weeks!

Arriving in Shanghai at the end of April, and loading in was an experience – there was a LOT of gear being used, and we had to meet and get acquainted with our local technician, who was also our translator/liaison between us and the Chinese touring crew who were overseeing load ins/outs etc, and who would then be our lead followspot operator. Once we were in the flow of the tour, we generally had the rig up and focussed in a day, which left the second day before show for position updated for moving lights, and any other tweaks we needed to make, for different venues etc

Pictures below from some of the tour:

Equipment used in the tour:

3x VL3500 Spot
6x VL3000 Spot
14x VL3500 Wash
10x MAC 2000 Profile
10x MAC 2000 Wash
2x MAC 700 Profile
12x Source 4 Zoom 15/30 degree
30x Source 4 10 degree
10x Source 4 14 degree
10x Source 4 19 degree
63x Source 4 26 degree
18x Source 4 36 degree
9x Source 4 50 degree
8x Source 4 Par NSP
16x Source 4 Par VNSP
2x Hazer w/fan
2/3x House followspot (depending on availability)
1x GrandMA 2 Fullsize Console
1x GrandMA 2 NPU